About Us

SearchRasta strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

At Search rasta, our mission is to help people get jobs. pursuing this purpose and improving the recruitment journey through real stories and data.
Search rasta is a online employment solution for people seeking jobs weather they are blue collar , fresher and experience professional and the employers who need great and dedicated people.
We are changing the way people think about work, and we're helping them actively improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools and practices

Search rasta purpose
Why we do what we do
SearchRasta strive to improve jobseeker joureny from search a job to acquiring it ,helping employers to hire the best

Search rasta vision
Search rasta core aim to be front in connecting blue collar workers to the employers .

A Search rasta mission
How we deliver that vision
We create and deliver the best platform for connecting jobs and people; we strive every day to help our customers hire and help people find jobs.

Why Search rasta ?
Search rasta with its cutting edge technology provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to jobseekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies.
We help employers find not only the best quality candidates, but more of dedicated & aspiring . To streamline the process so you can save time and money. And to help you make smarter decisions to improve your ROI.
Basically, we want to give you the ability to hire like no one else can.

Let’s start with the why. We see that the majority of the employees are not happy with their current workplace.
Why? because people are not making an informed decision while choosing a company to work at.
Why? because there is not much-structured information around this to help users in doing so, unlike food, travel & e-commerce industries where the users are already making an informed choice.

What’s our solution?

Provide all the information a user needs that would aid in the discovery and evaluation of a company before going for interview
We feel no company out there is solving the problem with the same resolve, depth, and breadth as we do.